research & development

Our R&D department in the Netherlands consists of around 30 highly educated specialists  who focus on various development areas, including membrane technology, process development, beer filtration, and membrane housings (modules). They work together closely with other Pentair specialists to create the operational advantages our customers need to be successful in competitive commercial environments.

The membranes developed in the R&D department are tested in collaboration with the process and beer groups to ensure continuous focus on the right parameters. These may include technical issues such as membrane diameters, membrane strength, and fluid dynamics. The conceptual processes and membranes are subsequently tested in different applications to gain more insight into behavioral characteristics and actual performance in specific applications.

Thorough testing of the ideal configuration of the chosen membrane technology for a specific client application effectively bridges the gaps between theory and practice. Now the developed filtration concepts can be scaled up and optimized with the help of Pentair Advanced Filtration engineering department. A full-scale installation is always the outcome of a -sometimes unique- combination of scientific data, conceptual know-how and many years of design and engineering experience. 

Our strong focus on R&D is crucial to partners and clients who need cutting-edge technology to remain competitive. Realizing the full potential of innovations can -and often does- make the difference between failure and success. Our dedication to continuous improvements in product costs and quality is the driving force behind profitable filtration operations around the world.

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