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In developed countries, tap water usually meets drinking water quality standards, even though most of it is used for washing and flushing toilets. In developing countries, reducing contaminants in drinking water is a major public health objective. Due to the wide variety of sources and feedwater qualities, meeting the local drinking water standards or specific additional requirements demands different treatment methods in different parts of the world.

Pentair Advanced Filtration delivers the right solution for every potable water operation. This page presents an overview of typical drinking water applications. To learn more about the characteristics, application areas and Pentair solutions, click on 'view application'.

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Color and organics removal

As a common source for potable water production, surface water can present major challenges because when it has a high Natural Organic Matter (NOM) content.

High solids removal

Treating groundwater or surface water to produce high quality water will certainly involve solids separation.

Infection control

From healthcare facilities, infection control is the ultimate aim of all treatment methods to produce safe potable water.

Point of entry barrier

To ensure drinking water quality meets the health and safety requirements, a point of entry barrier filters all tap water at the point where it enters the building.

Pretreatment RO

Ultrafiltration has proven to be the most effective and cost-efficient pretreatment method for Reverse Osmosis (RO) plants.


Many remote communities and businesses have a pressing need for water of guaranteed quality and quantity. Whenever this cannot be guaranteed, a mobile purification system is the answer.

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