Color and organics removal

Pentair’s hollow-fiber nanofiltration (NF) technology is a new step in the production of clear drinking water from surface water. It effectively deals with high Natural Organic Matter (NOM) content.




  • Robust hollow-fiber NF technology for drinking water production 
  • Effectively removes NOM and color from surface water
  • Less chemicals and smaller footprint compared to conventional treatments
  • Reduced cleaning frequency compared to spiral-wound nanofiltration 
  • Lower energy consumption compared to spiral-wound and tubular nanofiltration 
  • Limited removal of bivalent salts (e.g. hardness)

application areas

Water has to be crystal clear to be suitable as drinking water. When surface water is used for drinking water production, high organic content can cause discoloring even in otherwise perfectly clean water. The NOM content in surface water depends on climate, geology and topography. The need for color removal is typically associated with the boreal forests of Canada, Alaska, Russia and Northern Europe, where the acidic and humus-rich soils are high in iron and aluminium oxides.

Surface water is an increasingly common source for potable water production. Color and organics removal from drinking water is needed in municipal and industrial operations around the world. The changing NOM characteristics in many regions present an additional challenge, even where membrane technology has already replaced traditional methods. Other drivers in the search for better treatment are new and stricter legislation, and consumer concerns.

pentair solutions

Pentair developed the Color Removal Package (CRP), which applies nanofiltration to remove NOM and color. The nanomembranes allows monovalent and most divalent salts to pass, while dissolved organics are retained. The CRP ensures removal of all particulate matter based on properties such as molecular size, shape and charge polarity. The concentrate can be discharged without any treatment. The hollow-fiber NF modules can be used worldwide in potable water production.

The Color Removal Package is a pre-engineered system that can be used in both municipal and industrial operations all over the world. With custom-engineered solutions, we help OEMs, engineering consulting firms and EPC contractors to make the most of challenging drinking water projects. Highly scalable skid-based systems can be the answer to specific local circumstances and feedwater conditions. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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