High Solids Removal

Removing all suspended solids for drinking water is more than a matter of clarity. Water high in suspended solids can require multiple treatment and desinfection steps for potable water production. High Solids Ultrafiltration (UF) will simplify this process.




  • Capable of treating feed water up to 1000 ppm TSS
  • Efficient removal of microbiology with ultrafiltration technology
  • Ultrafiltration offers scalabity and small footprint compared to traditional filtration
  • Improved economics due to elimination of process steps. 
  • Lower chemical consumption
  • Less disposal costs

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Turbidity in water is caused by fine suspended matter such as clay, silt, and the remnants of algae and other organic material. Known collectively as total suspended solids (TSS), this matter includes colloidal particles larger than 2 microns that will not settle out by gravity. Apart from harmless matter of organic and inorganic origin, surface feedwater can also contain bacteria and viruses, including chlorine-resistant and potentially disease-causing organisms such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia.
Water is considered high in solids when the amount of suspended particles exceeds 50 ppm. 

Where surface water is being treated to become potable water, the treatment usually includes sedimentation, flocculation, coagulation, and sand filtration. Desinfection steps add to the elaborate and sizeable process. Ultrafiltration (UF) can eliminate all process steps and has proven to be very efficient in high solids removal. Besides its much smaller footprint, UF offers better scalability and economics. 

pentair solutions

Pentair’s state-of-the-art ultrafiltration (UF) modules are used in the world’s most advanced water purification plants. The High Solids Package uses UF technology in vertical dead-end configuration to remove high levels of suspended solids. It produces Class A water in a single process step at substantially lower costs than traditional multi-step treatment. Used in municipal drinking water production and in industrial settings, the High Solids Package is the pre-engineered system of choice. 

Pentair Advanced Filtraton helps OEMs, engineering consulting firms and EPC contractors to deliver the right answers with both ready-made products and fully customized, mostly skid-based packages. We have the practical experience, skills and expertise to deliver world-class engineered systems. Whatever your filtration problem may be, we can help you deliver enduring performance and quality. 

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