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As some water sources are too heavily loaded with suspended solids to be treated with media filters or hollow fiber membranes, Pentair developed High Solids Removal applications to do the job.




  • Some water sources are too high in solids to be used straight after filtration
  • Single robust ultrafiltration process can handle changing feedwater conditions
  • Small footprint and low chemicals use compared to DAF systems
  • Instant high-quality permeate
  • Complete removal of microbiology

application areas

Water scarcity is a growing challenge in many places on earth. Normal fresh water usage is possible only when solids have been removed. Filtering solids from water makes it suitable for all kinds of applications, from drinking to industrial use. However, depending on the source and local conditions, the available water can be polluted with high amounts of solids of both organic and inorganic nature.

When solids build up quickly, for instance due to algae blooms, efficient separation can become a big challenge. Multiple treatment steps such as clarifiers, dissolved air flotation, strainers and media filters might be required. High solids removal can be a lot more efficient as a single step treatment alternative.

pentair solutions

Whereas conventional filtration needs to support the process by catching dissolved matter with coagulants to improve water quality, ultrafiltration (UF) delivers high solids separation in a single step. UF can remove more than 99 percent of all solids, as well as precipitated iron and aluminum. Pentair’s High Solids Removal applications use tubular membranes capable to process feedwater with up to 1000 ppm of solids of any kind. 

Depending on the nature of the water, the process can be set up in dead-end mode, which applies only filtration and backflushing, or in crossflow mode, which uses more energy but keeps the water in constant turbulence. Even higher loads of solids can be separated in crossflow mode. A circulation pump sweeps the water and solids across the membrane wall continuously, keeping it clean and maintaining performance. 

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