Polishing refers to the treatment needed to prepare process water of the required specifications for discharge or reuse. Even wastewater can be reused after effluent polishing with ultrafiltration. If industrial reuse requires reverse osmosis, the effluent needs to be free of suspended solids and turbidity. 




  • Robust ultrafiltration (UF) system prepares for discharge, reuse or reverse osmosis (RO)
  • Lower OPEX compared to media filters and chemical disinfection 
  • Smaller footprint compared to media filters
  • UF operation better suited to deal with sludge carry over
  • Reduced cleaning frequency and increased lifespan for RO membranes 

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Whatever the source, process water has to be of consistent quality. Ultrafiltration (UF) is a robust and reliable process, whether the goal of water polishing is safe discharge or industrial (re)use. If reverse osmosis (RO) is necessary for high-grade industrial use, the water needs to be free of suspended solids and turbidity. 
Wastewater treatment often consists of multiple steps, including the screening of large matter and the biological degradation and clarification of effluent. 

Non-membrane treatment plants use a combination of media filters and disinfection by chlorine and/or UV light. This treatment technology has a large footprint and high chemicals and/or power consumption. Moreover, it will not provide a water quality suitable for for feeding to reverse osmosis systems. UF provides a single-step process capable of meeting water quality requirements.

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Ultrafiltration (UF) permeate is safe for reuse applications and could also be discharged into water bodies used for recreational purposes. It will have a turbidity of less than 0.1 NTU and be free of any bacteria, viruses and chlorine-resistant microorganisms. Combined with a silt density index (SDI) of less than 3 at all times, UF permeate also meets all protection requirements of RO membranes. Pentair’s membrane technology applications have a footprint that is considerably smaller than traditional media filters. 

All of our UF applications benefit from a simple process setup (also inline with RO), easy cleaning and maintenance, consistently high effluent quality, and low OPEX. 

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