Adequate treatment of wastewater streams allows for water to be safely reused for irrigation or as process water.




  • Decrease effluent and discharge costs while recovering process water for reuse
  • Treat high-strength wastewater to process water specifications
  • Removal of suspended solids and microbiology
  • Depending on the technology (partial) removal of organics
  • Low footprint
  • Low energy consumption

application areas

Intensive industrial water use is rapidly depleting available local resources in many regions and countries around the world. In addition, wastewater discharge often causes surface and groundwater pollution. The current end-of-pipe treatment is not sustainable.
Industries are facing ever increasing environmental, regulatory, and financial pressures. In some regions, reuse is already imperative as local water sources cannot (fully) be relied upon anymore. 

Interest in water reuse is growing in response to demand for high-quality dependable supplies for industry and agriculture.
The potential for industrial and municipal wastewater reuse depends on waste volume and concentrations, availability of potential users to reuse the treated water. While diminishing the discharged effluent, and the associated costs, the recovered water can be reused as process water (for instance for cleaning and flushing), or as irrigation water. 

pentair solutions

Plant managers are increasingly adopting membrane technologies that simultaneously reduce wastewater costs and treat it to such high standards that it can be reused within the plant. Treating high-strength industrial wastewater for reuse saves precious natural resources and helps comply with discharge regulations. 

Pentair offers ultrafiltration solutions in a multitude of configurations.

In Qatar, where ultrafiltration is used in secondary municipal wastewater treatment, the permeate is used as irrigation water. 

(Anaerobic) Membrane Bioreactors are used in various industries, such as brewing, food and beverage to reuse wastewater as process water, mainly for cleaning and rinsing purposes.

The oil industry has created a sustainable water recycling route by applying the Crossflow XL technology. Produced water is filtered to a water quality which can be reinjected into the oil field.

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