point of entry barrier

Pentair’s point of entry barriers ensure that only high-quality and absolutely contaminant-free drinking water enters the production premises and ends up in consumer products.



  • Securing safety and quality of the tap water entering a building
  • Guaranteed stability in product water quality
  • Effective barrier against bacteria and other contaminants
  • Prevents variations in taste and other product characteristics
  • Actual protection level depends on internal plumbing integrity

application areas

The water that is going to end up in the products of Food & Beverage manufacturers has to be safe and of consistent quality. Destined for critical consumers, the water has to contribute to health and wellbeing, and cannot be allowed to cause variations in taste and other product characteristics. Most F&B manufacturers are very aware of the risks involved, and many rely on point of entry barriers for consistent water quality. Point of entry barriers are typically installed just behind the water meter, at the point where the water mains enters the building. 

Ultrafiltration (UF) technology provides an effective barrier against all kinds of contaminants, and peace of mind for manufacturers who have reason to be concerned about the quality of their mains water. Absolute certainty about the water that will be part of your products also depends on the integrity and cleanliness of the plumbing behind the point of entry barrier. 

pentair solutions

Pentair’s point of entry barriers use state-of-the-art ultrafiltration (UF) modules, the same as those used in the world’s most advanced water purification plants. The Gatekeeper provides an effective barrier at the point where the mains water enters the building. It retains all sediment, turbidity, and microorganisms, including bacteria, cysts, and viruses, while allowing vital minerals to pass. The proven Pentair technology delivers 100 percent certainty about safe product water of the required quality.

Pentair Advanced Filtration helps F&B manufacturers, OEMs, engineering consulting firms and EPC contractors with tailor-made solutions for their water treatment challenges. Safeguarding the consistent quality of product water does not mean that this quality has to be reached at every tap. With our skid-based X-Line or vertical dead-end filtration solutions, you introduce a new point of entry barrier exactly where it is needed. Our experts can help you find the most effective and cost-efficient solution. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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