Acid mine drainage

Acid mine drainage (AMD), produced by coal and metal mining, can have a major environmental impact. Treated properly, AMD becomes a valuable source of recycled and clean water.



  • Wastewater recycling solves AMD and water scarcity issues
  • Ultrafiltration allows selective removal and concentration of contaminants
  • UF with inside-out configuration offers high performance (flux/tmp)
  • Modular installations to meet exact requirements and future needs
  • Low energy and chemicals consumption
  • Consistent water quality fit for reuse or safe for discharge


Subsurface mining often takes place below the water table. During active mining, water needs to be pumped out continuously in order to prevent flooding. As soon as the pumping ceases and the mine floods, the water will chemically react with exposed rock. If the rock contains sulfur-bearing minerals, such as pyrite, the resulting acid mine drainage (AMD) can contaminate natural water sources and have detrimental effects on aquatic life and the regional ecology.

Mines are often located in areas with either too little or too much water. In both cases the wastewater will need appropriate treatment to prevent or reduce AMD and comply with environmental regulations. In arid mining regions with water competition, creative solutions are needed to ensure a steady supply of sufficient process and potable water.


Pentair provides innovative answers to the water challenges of the mining industry. Ultrafiltration (UF) is the core technology to separate and concentrate high molecular weight contaminants of organic and inorganic origin, treating AMD and producing a safe effluent or high-quality process water.  

We engineer and build tailor-made solutions for mining operations in dead-end or crossflow configurations, 

depending on local conditions and requirements. Our robust and reliable systems guarantee consistent quality and regulatory compliance, while being easy and economical to operate and maintain. 

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Acid mine drainage

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