Effluent polishing

On site treatment of industrial wastewater can be a cost attractive alternative to sewer discharge. If ultrafiltration is used for polishing the treated effluent, reuse can be possible, reducing discharge costs even further. 



  • Robust ultrafiltration technology for safe discharge, water reuse, or reverse osmosis (RO) pretreatment
  • Lower OPEX compared to media filters and chemical disinfection
  • Lower energy consumption compared to UV systems 
  • Dead-end technology for lowest costs of ownership

application areas

Discharging industrial wastewater to municipal treatment plants can be very expensive. Therefore on site treatment can be a cost attractive alternative. Ultrafiltration (UF) can be used to polish the treated wastewater and make the effluent suitable for reuse. Compared with traditional tertiary or secondary treatment, UF has a much smaller footprint, OPEX, and environmental impact.

Depending on local conditions and the wastewater composition, effluent polishing may be primarily aimed at regulatory compliance or at water reuse applications, such as urban irrigation or the cleaning of process equipment. 

The aim is a reduction in the overall water footprint and an attractive ROI through the elimination of traditional (additional) treatment steps. Effluent polishing with UF can also be the indispensable pretreatment step for high-grade industrial reuse applications, such as those that require demineralized water.


pentair solutions

Pentair delivers highly effective water polishing solutions. Ultrafiltration has proven to be the most cost-efficient technology for effluent polishing, applied in industrial wastewater treatment. 

Dead-end ultrafiltration is extensively used in many different industries for polishing applications. Our references in wastewater polishing have brought horizontal dead-end, vertitcal dead-end and X-Line technology to industries around the world.
We help OEMs, engineering consulting firms and EPC contractors to make the most of wastewater projects. Effluent polishing with our dead-end technologies upgrades the water to reuse quality or RO processes. We also build tailor-made and skid-based solutions that are very robust and reliable, easy to operate and maintain, and guarantee a constant effluent quality at low OPEX. 

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