High COD treatment

High COD treatment is required in industries where lots of organic material ends up in the wastewater. The anaerobic membrane bioreactor (AnMBR) is the most cost-efficient solution.



  • Highly concentrated organic waste streams: COD > 7,500 ppm 
  • Anaerobic MBR yields clean water and biogas as a renewable energy source
  • Smaller footprint compared to conventional techniques with pre- and post-treatment
  • Lower energy consumption compared to wastewaters which require aerobic post-treatment 
  • More biogas from the same amount of COD

application areas

High COD industrial wastewater can be treated with aerobic systems, but often at prohibitive energy costs. 
Large airation basins require a large investment and footprint. Meeting discharge limits might still be an issue. 

Anaerobic MBR can reduce investment and footprint. Instead of consuming energy it will produce energy.

Anaerobical treatment will also degrade the waste and produce clean water while yielding the by-product biogas, which can be used as a renewable energy source to drive OPEX down. 
In the treatment of industrial effluents with very high COD levels, the AnMBR is clearly the most economical option.

pentair solutions

Pentair delivers highly effective and cost-efficient water treatment solutions, even for the most demanding applications. MBR technology delivers a permeate safe for reuse, or for effortless compliance with discharge regulations. Instead of opting for submerged membrane modules inside the reactor, which can lead to many messy maintenance stops, we cut the separation of water, solids and gas into two different parts. The water is separated from the biomass outside the reactor. AnMBRs are the answer to very high COD levels in industrial wastewater. 

Memthane anaerobic MBR was developed together with Veolia and offers a single-step solution superior to any alternative. With typical COD reductions of over 98 percent, and an effluent quality safe for discharge or reuse, Memthane anaerobic MBR is a high-performance system. The by-product biogas can be used immediately to meet your energy needs. We also engineer and build tailor-made solutions for high COD treatment. 

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