High solids removal

Wastewater effluent, when stored in settling ponds or lagoons, can be of poor quality because of algae blooms. Removing algae and other particles will be required to produce reusable water.



  • High solids separation can be a challenge in case of algae growth
  • Conventional treatment can now be replaced by membrane technology
  • Robust ultrafiltration process can handle challenging feedwater conditions
  • Single-step ultrafiltration removes high ferric contents and turbidity (>50 NTU)
  • Small footprint and low chemicals use compared to DAF systems

application areas

Membrane technology is quickly replacing older filtration technologies in the treatment of stored wastewater with high turbidity. In practical terms, traditional filters do not cope well with high TSS (Total Suspended Solids). If the effluent only contains solids such as for instance algea, removing them would allow reuse of the water in various places.
Filtering wastewater can make it suitable for all kinds of applications, from irrigation to industrial use. 

However, depending on the source and local conditions, the available water can be polluted with organic and inorganic solids. High solids from some sources can be troublesome. When solids build up, for instance due to algae growth, efficient separation quickly becomes a challenge. Membrane filtration can be applied as a single-step solution to go from wastewater to reuse quality. 

pentair solutions

Pentair developed the High Solids Package specifically to deal with the problem of high turbidity in various qualities of feedwater. Ultrafiltration (UF) has proven to be the most cost-efficient technology. Widely used to remove suspended solids, UF can remove over 99 percent, including precipitated iron and aluminum, in a single step. However, hollow-fiber membranes can be susceptible to fouling from turbidity spikes.

Tubular ultrafiltration is more robust and will be able to handle turbidity spikes. We engineer and build tailor-made solutions for high solids removal in dead-end or crossflow configurations, depending on local conditions. Our robust and reliable systems are easy to operate and maintain, and guarantee consistent effluent quality at low OPEX. 

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