Industrial wastewater treatment

Industries all over the world are focusing on efficient water use. Membrane technology provides cost-efficiency and allows many industries to turn the burdens of wastewater treatment into opportunities.



  • Medium to high-strength wastewater, depending on the industry
  • Easy degradation of organic waste matter from food production 
  • MBR choice between aerobic and anaerobic digestion

  • Membrane bioreactors (MBRs):
  • Almost complete removal of biological oxygen demand (BOD < 2 ppm is possible)
  • Complete removal of suspended solids, low levels of N and P
  • Small footprint & high-quality effluent (< 0,1 NTU; SDI < 3)

  • Effluent polishing:
  • Crossflow technology for continuous high performance
  • Small footprint & low energy use 
  • High permeate quality, fit for reuse purposes or reverse osmosis (RO)

application areas

Industries everywhere face ever stricter environmental regulations. Rather than pay increasing fees for their effluent discharge, companies are focusing on efficient use of the available water. In water-scarce areas, developing reuse opportunities is also important to reduce water consumption. Making full use of today’s wastewater treatment options has become part of the business case for many industries.

Depending on local conditions and industrial wastewater composition, treatment may be aimed at regulatory compliance, water reuse, or even energy recovery from the waste streams. Ideally, the wastewater treatment leads to a reduction in the overall water footprint and offers an attractive ROI. 

For more information, download our Anaerobic MBR white paper.

pentair solutions

Pentair provides cost-efficient solutions for industrial wastewater treatment. Our energy-efficient Airlift MBR produces a high-quality effluent and has a small footprint. Megablock is another compact and modular treatment concept that can handle large fluctuations in wastewater quantity and quality. Memthane uses anaerobic MBR to turn waste into renewable energy. MBR technology delivers a permeate fit for reuse, or for effortless compliance with discharge regulations.

Effluent polishing with our dead-end technologies upgrades the water to a quality fit for reuse or RO processes. We also design and build engineered solutions, tailored to specific local conditions or particularly challenging wastewater streams. Our experts can help identify the best opportunities for your industrial water. 

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