Municipal wastewater treatment

Municipal wastewater treatment typically combines biological treatment and clarification steps to produce an effluent that is free of organics. Membrane technology removes microbiology and sludge carry over.



Membrane bioreactors (MBRs):
  • Almost complete removal of biological oxygen demand (BOD < 2 ppm is possible)
  • Complete removal of suspended solids
  • Very low levels of N and P
  • Small footprint
  • High-quality effluent (< 0,1 NTU; SDI < 3)

Effluent polishing:
  • Dead-end technology for cost effective operation
  • Low energy use & small footprint
  • High permeate quality, fit for reuse purposes or reverse osmosis (RO)

application areas

Municipalities have a responsibility to reduce environmental pollution, or prevent it altogether, by treating the collected household wastewater and urban runoff. Sewage treatment is traditionally a lengthy process with a big footprint. It includes several steps of mechanical separation and biological treatment. Membrane technology offers an attractive alternative disinfection with chemicals and/or UV light.

Ultrafiltration (UF) membranes can be applied either as a polishing step after conventional biological treatment and settling, or in the direct filtration of biological sludge in membrane bioreactors. MBRs have evolved to a technological level that makes large-scale treatment of municipal wastewater economically viable, and allows for the reclaiming of water for urban irrigation purposes.

pentair solutions

Pentair provides cost-efficient solutions for municipal wastewater treatment. Our energy-efficient Airlift MBR produces a high-quality effluent and has a small footprint. Megablock is another compact and modular treatment concept that can handle large fluctuations in the quantity and quality of the wastewater feed. MBR technology delivers a permeate clean enough for irrigation purposes, or for effortless compliance with discharge regulations.

In many municipal wastewater treatment operations, tertiary (post-clarifier) effluent polishing with our dead-end technologies upgrades the water to a quality fit for reuse or RO processes. We also design and build engineered solutions, tailored to specific local conditions. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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Municipal wastewater

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