Produced water treatment

In oil production, produced water is the water that also comes to the surface. Whether it is well water or returned injection water, it needs to be separated to be safely discharged or reused.



  • Oil well water and injection water come to the surface as produced water
  • Feedwater oil content of less than 200 ppm and TSS of less than 100 ppm 
  • Crossflow technology concentrates the oil fraction 10 to 20 times 
  • Little chemical cleaning required compared to conventional systems
  • Continuous high performance with low energy use and small footprint
  • Engineered solutions for onshore and offshore applications
  • High permeate quality, fit for reuse (re-injection) purposes or reverse osmosis (RO)

application areas

Water plays a crucial part in oil production. Every barrel of oil reaches the surface with water as its carrier. With water-oil volume ratios reaching 10:1, the initial separation is quite simple, as oil and water do not mix. Eventually however, the last and smallest oil droplets will remain and need to be removed. Membrane technology, specifically UF, has proven to be the most cost-effective technology to separate residual oil and other contaminants from produced water.

In order to make the most of depleting wells, water is often injected into the reservoir to increase pressure and force the oil out. Some oil reservoirs benefit from injecting low-salinity water, chemicals, or a combination. Increasingly strict environmental regulations are limiting or even prohibiting the discharge of produced water. Recycling and re-injecting produced water has therefore become an attractive alternative to seawater or surface water injection.

pentair solutions

Pentair provides the oil and gas industry with innovative water management solutions. Only membrane technology is able to completely separate water from oil with low energy requirements whilst concentrating the oil ten times or more. Ultrafiltration (UF) is known for the complete removal of all suspended solids and free/disperged oil. With a permeate quality of <1 mg/ltr TSS and <1 mg/ltr oil, UF is most suitable to deliver high-quality feedwater to downstream RO, or prepare it for reuse in enhanced oil recovery and steam-assisted gravity drainage.  

In remote locations with water scarcity, UF allows the recycling of produced water with low energy and chemicals consumption. Our Crossflow technology is designed for the most demanding applications. We engineer and build tailor-made solutions, whether the goal is regulatory compliance or recycling and reuse. Our robust and reliable systems guarantee a consistent water quality and high tolerances for fluctuating feedwater conditions, while being easy and economical to operate and maintain. 

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Produced water

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