process water Applications

The water used in production processes has to meet certain specifications in order to be used safely. Minerals, oxygen and/or carbon dioxide may have to be removed from process water to prevent serious problems in industrial utilities, such as water boilers, steam production, and cooling systems. Process water is also used to clean production facilities and sanitize equipment and raw materials.
Pentair Advanced Filtration ensures that industries always have the right process water at their disposal at optimum cost. 

This page presents an overview of typical process water applications. To learn more about the characteristics, application areas and Pentair solutions, click on 'view application'.

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High solids removal

Treating surface water to produce process water of the right quality will certainly involve solids separation.

Injection water

Injection water, used in oil production to maintain reservoir pressure and drive out the oil, needs to be high-spec to protect the environment, the product, and the equipment. 


Ultrafiltration is very effective in polishing water to higher specifications for specific industrial processes, and can also recycle used process water. 

Pre-treatment RO

In many industries around the world, UF has proven to be the most cost-efficient pretreatment for reverse osmosis (RO) in the production of high-purity process water. 


Reusing spent process water saves money and precious resources. Ultrafiltration makes for effective treatment and allows process water to be quickly recycled.

Silica removal

Removing all silica, whether in granular, colloidal or dissolved form, creates process water safe for use in technical installations and industrial utilities.

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