product water Applications

Manufacturers in various industries go to great lengths to ensure their product has consistent quality and taste wherever it is made, in order to protect brand reputations. The water that ends up in their products therefore has to meet very precise specifications, regardless of the feedwater source. For consistent quality everywhere, additional treatment steps are often necessary to create product water.

Pentair develops tailor-made solutions for every production location. This page presents an overview of typical product water applications. To learn more about the characteristics, application areas and Pentair solutions, click on 'view application'.

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Point of entry barrier

Tap water that ends up in the products of manufacturers, has to meet certain specifications. A point of entry barrier filters water at the point where it enters the building. 


Some products demand a water quality that cannot be met with standard potable water. Polishing refers to the extra steps taken to ensure product water meets the exact specifications for consistent product quality.

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