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The adequate treatment of wastewater is one of the most challenging fields in filtration and separation technology. Wastewater is any water that has to be disposed of, or purified before disposal, because it has been adversely affected by domestic, commercial, agricultural or industrial use. The composition of wastewater varies as widely as it sources, ranging from mildly polluted stormwater runoff to toxic wastewater from chemical, pharmaceutical, and metal industries.

Pentair Advanced Filtration delivers cost-efficient treatment to ensure the wastewater meets all legal requirements for disposal or reuse. This page presents an overview of typical wastewater applications. To learn more about the characteristics, application areas and Pentair solutions, click on 'view application'.

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Acid mine drainage

Acid mine drainage, the wastewater from coal and metal mining, can cause serious degradation of groundwater and surface water resources, and needs to be treated accordingly.

Effluent polishing

Ultrafiltration is very effective in effluent polishing, and can make even high-strength wastewater fit for discharge or reuse.

High COD treatment

Wastewater with high COD (chemical oxygen demand), such as domestic sewage and agricultural waste streams, often needs multiple treatment steps before discharge.

High solids removal

Wastewater with high solids content will have to be treated to separate the water from the sludge and comply with all discharge regulations.

Industrial wastewater treatment

Industrial wastewater varies widely in composition. Treating high-strength wastewater of all kinds can focus simply on safe discharge, or on water reuse.

Municipal wastewater treatment

In municipal wastewater treatment, UF membrane technology simplifies the production of environmentally safe effluent.

Produced water treatment

Produced water is the byproduct of oil production, and can stem from the well or from injection water. Either way, it needs to be treated before discharge or reuse. 

Leachate treatment

Landfill leachate is wastewater containing environmentally harmful substances, both dissolved and suspended, which need to be removed to prevent groundwater or surface water contamination.

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