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Airlift MBR Megablock


Waterschap Vechtstromen, former Regge and Dinkel (WRD), a Water Board in the East of Holland, treats municipal wastewater from the Glanerbrug city district at the WWTP Glanerbrug plant and discharges it into the nearby Glanerbeek creek. Recent changes in legislation limit sedimentation tank capacity to 900 m³/h, which is insufficient for the necessary hydraulic processing of the maximum feed during rainy periods. Additionally, the European Water Framework Directive (WFD) requires advanced removal levels of nitrogen and phosphorous. 
With the installation of the Airlift™ MBR Megablock within the project “New generation of membrane technology for municipal areas” 150 m³/h extra capacity is added to the wastewater treatment plant. Additionally, the Airlift™ MBR Megablock improves the water quality, provides a barrier for bacteria and viruses and produces an effluent without suspended solids.

The Airlift™ MBR Megablock at Glanerbrug  is a “plug-and-play” unit and was a demonstration project for the Waterboard that was easily integrated into the existing wastewater treatment plant. Also, the footprint of the membrane installation is about 50 percent smaller compared to conventional submerged systems. This makes the Airlift™ MBR Megablock an ideal solution for municipal wastewater treatment plants that have limited space for expansion. This project is co-financed by the Water Framework Directive Innovation Program executed by AgentschapNL by order of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and The Environment.

After evaluation of performance and future needs of the plant, the demonstration plant has been dismantled.

Airlift mbr megablock

The Airlift™ MBR Megablock is an allin-one solution that meets the highest requirements for effluent quality, footprint and CAPEX/OPEX. The Airlift™ MBR Megablock is composed entirely of highly compact, modular sections, which means it can be swiftly and easily put into operation to suit avariety of capacity requirements. Each section consists of 36 ultrafiltration (UF) membrane modules. The largest configuration with six sections and a total of 216 modules measures 18 x 2.5 x 5.5 m with a nominal capacity of 350 m³/h. Inside the Airlift™ MBR Megablock, activated sludge from the bioreactor is pumped to the membrane modules through a specially developed supply unit.

This activated sludge is fed through to the  membranes with air, using an optimized aerator. Within the membranes, the clean water is separated from the activated sludge. The in-line pumps that minimize energy consumption and surface area were specifically developed for this application by Pentair. The combination of the high-efficiency pumps with UF membranes and a compact design make Airlift™ MBR Megablock a userfriendly, robust and efficient system.

technical data

  submurged hf  mbr megablock 
 Construction  External tanks  Flat slab
 Construction period
 Maintenance  -
 Flexiblity process  0
 Flux rates (l/m2h)  20 - 40 (nom. - max)  55 - 70 (nom. - max.)
 Power consumption (kWh/m3) 0.33 - 0.5  0.25 - 0.35
 Chemical consumption  -

proces overview

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