Angola, Southern Africa


Drinking water


25 m3/day


Compact Water System


Surface water




For construction and mining companies in Africa it’s an real challenge to have safe drinking water for their workers. Often water transportation by trucks takes placeover an long distance, with water quality going down rapidly.

While there is often a source of fresh water from rivers, lakes or wells nearby, the water is not suitable for human consumption as it is contaminated by bacteria and viruses.

the solution

The Water Miracle uses available water resources in the area. It can be placed at the edge of a river, lake or well, or connected to an unreliable drinking water pipe or a water tank in the area. As the system can be operated in the open air no additional investment have to be done in building constructions. The treated water is safe for human consumption. The maintenance of the device is kept to a minimum.

The easy operation and maintenance ensures that the Water Miracle operates reliably and provides a long-term solution to safe drinking water.

water quality

 parameter unit  feed   permeate
 Turbidity NTU  >20   <0.5
 TSS Mg/l  >30   <0.5


  1. 99.9999% bacteria and 99.9999% virus removal
  2. Easily transportable
  3. One-button start-up
  4. No infrastructure needed
  5. No solid waste residue
  6. Easy maintenance
  7. Simple daily operation
  8. Robust construction

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