Water challenges

Municipal water supply and wastewater treatment companies all over the world face multiple challenges. There is a need to supply more drinking water and treat more wastewater. The public demands drinking water of pristine quality, free of any pollutants. Every liter of drinking water will return as wastewater and need treatment before discharge. With fresh water sources dwindling in many regions, these challenges are compounded by the need to minimize losses and maximize recycling in the entire process of managing the water cycle.

Moreover, both production and treatment have to meet high quality standards. International, national and local authorities impose increasingly rigorous safety and environmental regulations. 

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Drinking water can be produced from a number of different sources: groundwater, surface water or seawater. In each of these applications, microbiological contamination of the water is a threat that needs to be addressed. 

Membrane technology is the best treatment option to ensure a steady supply of safe and crystal-clear drinking water. 

In its journey through a municipal water system, drinking water will become contaminated with all kinds of pollutants. They range from soap or organics, such as food waste, to newly emerging contaminants, such as nanoparticles and pharmaceutical residues. New testing methods can detect minute levels of pollutants, and strict legislation applies to wastewater discharge into rivers, lakes, and oceans.


Pentair Advanced Filtration delivers the means to step up production and treatment in the most economical manner. Wastewater treatment has to ensure a minimum effluent quality prior to discharge. This means that nutrients, such as organics, nitrogen and phosphate have to be reduced to acceptable levels. If the wastewater is discharged into waters used for recreational purposes, it is imperative that the water is free of microbiological contamination. Ultrafiltration provides a chemical-free way to remove all microbiology.

More and more communities are reusing treated wastewater for irrigation and industrial purposes. Such reuse applications do require that the water is treated to a high standard. This can mean that not only all microbiology has to be removed, but also that the water is free of turbidity, or even low in mineral content. Ultrafiltration will remove all turbidity, providing clear water. If reverse osmosis is required to lower the mineral content of the water, ultrafiltration will protect the RO membranes.

Treatment solutions

  • Aerobic biological wastewater treatment 
  • Effluent polishing
  • Pretreatment for (SW)RO desalination 
  • Color removal/organics removal
  • High-solids water treatment

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