Water challenges

Water is necessary in the maintenance of outdoor sports facilities to support the recovery and growth of grass, or to ensure that the pitch is safe and suitable for specific sports and events. Apart from reducing consumption of drinking water through conservation measures, sport clubs and groundkeepers are looking for ways to reuse water and tap into new sources. 

Surface water and groundwater can be suitable alternatives for mains water, as can rainwater harvesting and grey water recycling.

Water has been associated with restorative qualities and health benefits at least since Roman times. Water-based activities and experiences have since evolved and changed through the centuries, but bathing and spa therapy have remained and are the mainstay of today’s wellness culture. The leisure industry needs to save water and safeguard water quality in order to protect natural resources as well as their staff and guests. 

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Water efficiency protects natural resources and ensures supplies for future generations. In the arid regions of the world, water competition and the need for conservation have always been an urgent matter. More than 2.8 billion people are expected to face scarcity by 2025. Sports facilities are not exempt from water use restrictions in times of drought. Water-saving activities and technologies, such as advanced irrigation and recycling systems, help to keep perfect grounds, save costs and protect the environment.

Water hygiene, and particularly the risk of Legionella, is important for all sports and leisure facilities. Without the right precautions, not only public showers, spa pools and whirlpool bathtubs, but also faucets, fountains and lawn sprinklers can pose a contamination threat. Seasonal variations make hotels and ships particularly vulnerable to bacterial colonization of piping systems. Membrane filtration can exclude all contamination risks and provide clean and safe water for everyone. 


Pentair Advanced Filtration applies advanced filtration technology to help save precious resources and secure water safety and availability. Our solutions range from shower filters to highly innovative combinations of sports facilities and drinking water production. 

Membrane technology, in particular ultrafiltration, effectively lowers your costs and risks while protecting your guests, staff and reputation. 

We help to find the best solution for your water treatment challenge, whether the issue is Legionella prevention or water efficiency. Lakes, rivers, wells, stormwater detention ponds, reclaimed wastewater and even seawater can serve as a source of irrigation water. Every source and application needs specific treatment to ensure quality, safety and suitability. We can build tailor-made installations to achieve the most economical and sustainable operations.  

Treatment solutions

  • Ultrafiltration removes all organic and inorganic contaminants
  • Legionella control with point-of-entry or point-of-use barriers
  • Solids removal for irrigation and recycling systems
  • Pretreatment for RO desalination
  • Water polishing and reuse
  • GreenSource: football pitch and potable water production
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