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The products of Advanced Filtration are used for the treatment of different types of water. We offer innovative skids and systems for water treatment. With much variety in local needs, conditions and feedwater quality, there is no such thing as a standard solution. We develop and supply filtration concepts and installations for safe water in hospitals, for commercial and industrial water reuse, for treating wastewater, and for all kinds of water qualities required in production processes ranging from soft drinks to enhanced oil recovery.

Our products are applicable in all water treatment areas, from potable water production to the treatment of process and wastewater, and the pretreatment of seawater.
This page presents an overview of our Advanced Filtration products. To learn more about the characteristics, typical use, scope and fields of application, click on 'view product'.

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Airlift MBR

The Airlift Membrane Bioreactor was developed for treating (industrial) wastewater (<7,5MLD) with minimal energy consumption (<0.25 kWh/m3) and is suitable for suspended solids levels of MLSS 8-15 g/l.

Airlift MBR Megablock

Airlift MBR Megablock offers an energy-efficient and fully automated solution for large-scale (>7,5 MLD) industrial and municipal wastewater treatment and effluent that is suitable for direct discharge.


Aqualine offers cost-effective filtration by providing superior flow rates and maximizing the performance of water treatment and purification systems, making it also very suitable as a pre-filtration solution in various industries.

Color Removal

Drinking water production by retaining Natural Organic Matter (NOM) without coagulation and with  minimal retention of hardness ions (calcium and magnesium).

Crossflow MBR

Crossflow MBR was developed for treating (industrial) wastewater with high TSS (up to 20g/l), at high flux rates of 80-150 l/m2h and suitable for capacities from 150-500m3/h (4-12 MLD).

Crossflow XL

Crossflow XL has been developed to produce clean water in large-scale and heavy-duty applications such as oily or high solids (more than 1000 ppm) solutions (~250 m3/hr per skid).


Treating all water entering the building to ensure it is free of bacteria (>99,9999%) and viruses (>99,99%) in facilities such as hotels and hospitals.


An unique combination of a sports field and a drinking water supply, this integrated system provides about 50 liters of clean and safe water every minute.

High solids package

The High Solids Package uses hollow-fiber or tubular UF technology in vertical dead-end configuration to remove high levels of suspended solids (TSS/MLSS of 200-1000 ppm), including algae, to produce high-quality water in a single process step.

Horizontal dead-end

The ultrafiltration solution with the highest membrane area-to-footprint ratio in the market. Specifically suited for large-scale (>10 mld) municipal or industrial water polishing for drinking water production or reuse.


To guarantee the quality and safety of water entering the building, by removing viruses (log 4) and bacteria (log 7) at a capacity of 60 l/min.

Anaerobic MBR

Anaerobic MBR was developed to treat highly concentrated (industrial) wastewater streams with a COD of >7,500 ppm and simultaneously produce biogas.

Silica Removal

Preparing safe water for boilers and turbines by removing colloidal silica (>99,8%) from the feedwater, thus maximizing boiler efficiency without the need for coagulants.

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