The Gatekeeper is developed for large buildings, including hospitals and nursing homes. In these buildings complex piping systems are bound to be struck by problems with pathogenic waterborne bacteria.The Gatekeeper guards the integrity of newly built piping systems by treating all incoming water.



  • Keeps piping systems free from bacteria and biofilm growth
  • Keeps buildings free from any waterborne bacteria for many years
  • Makes infection control relatively easy
  • Cost-effective
  • Reduced flushing requirements (depending on national regulations)
  • Lower minimum water temperature in the pipes
  • Other water treatment systems (RO systems, boilers, ice machines and water coolers) will benefit from higher feed water quality 
  • Online monitoring functionality for uptime and performance guarantees

typical use

Every complex piping system will eventually be affected by pathogenic waterborne bacteria. Over time biofilm will build up in the system, providing a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. The eradication of such bacteria is very difficult and costly. The Gatekeeper provides an “at-the-source” solution, and treats all incoming water.
The Gatekeeper is an ultrafiltration system which filters all feedwater to ensure bacteria and virus removal by applying proven X-Flow membrane technology. The Gatekeeper is built according to the X-line principle, which offers a minimized footprint and maximized flow, due to the unique Optiflow headers. It is suitable for feed capacities between 10-100 m3/h.


With carefully selected partners, Pentair develops innovative and ready-to-use membrane installations that meet both regulatory and financial KPI’s. The Pentair scope consists of the modular skid concept, X-Flow membranes, engineering, commissioning and process optimization. 

As one of the world’s foremost membrane technology knowledge centers, we share our scientific know-how and practical experience with our partners to make the difference in challenging filtration projects. 

Fields of application

Large buildings, including hospitals and nursing homes with complex piping systems, are bound to be struck by problems with pathogenic waterborne bacteria. The Gatekeeper is not limited to hospitals and nursing homes. 

All public buildings that need to ensure safety for their patients, guests or staff, such as hotels, resorts and sports facilities, can benefit from a Gatekeeper system.

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