Vertical dead end

The vertical dead-end technology uses the Aquaflex or Seaflex membrane modules to remove suspended solids, viruses and bacteria from feedwater, providing excellent UF permeate (turbidity of < 0.1 NTU and a silt density index of <3).
The vertical dead-end skids have a modular design and offer the possibility to use internal circulation and airflush in the process. This allows steady operation under extreme and variable feedwater quality conditions. 



  • Broad skid range: 10-120 modules
  • Optional internal circulation and airflush allows handling of feedwaters up to 250 mg/l total suspended solids (TSS) or 100 NTU turbidity
  • Vertical dead-end can be applied in a broad range of applications, from industrial to drinking water production
  • Multiple references available in a broad range of applications, both municipal and industrial

typical use

The vertical dead-end skids have been a reliable and cost-effective solution. The wide variety in skid configurations and options for the operating process allows for a broad range of applications. The vertical dead-end skids are easily scalable and can be used in very small to very large facilities. The height of the module and end-caps arrangement is such that it fits a standard high cube container.
This UF solution can handle high TSS loads, which means it can be used in demanding applications. 

References show they are used in Oil & Gas, (SW)RO, effluent polishing and river/basin water treatment with very high seasonal fluctuations. 
The feedwater is treated to an excellent quality that can be used for RO processes or reuse. The vertical dead-end skid and UF membrane modules have all major drinking water certifications.

When the feedwater has better quality (<30 NTU or <75 TSS), our X-line rack can be used instead of the vertical dead-end. 


With carefully selected partners, Pentair develops innovative and ready-to-use membrane installations that meet both regulatory and financial KPIs. The Pentair scope consists of the modular system concept, X-Flow membranes, engineering, commissioning and process optimization.

As one of the world’s foremost membrane technology knowledge centers, we share our scientific know-how and practical experience with our partners to make the difference in challenging filtration projects.

Fields of application

The vertical dead-end technology was developed for the treatment of surface water (e.g. for potable water or process water), wastewater polishing and reuse, and drinking water production where no certification is needed.
Currently the system is applied in industries such as Oil & Gas, Pool & Spa, medical, power and Food & Beverage. It is these industries’ technology of choice when it comes to potable water, process water or polishing applications.

Featured cases

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Emalalheni (Witbank) South Africa

Acid mine drainage

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South-West Moscow

Surface water

Enschede, Netherlands

City water


Surface water

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