Pentair OptiTrend® is a powerful web-based management tool to collect performance data generated throughout the filtration process. OptiTrend® can visualize raw measurement data as well as calculated performance projections. Carefully monitoring your filtration system’s performance will help you focus on various critical and interrelated areas of the process, enabling significant improvements. Pentair OptiTrend® informs your operators about any deviations from the expected plant behavior, providing ample time for the right proactive measures.

Pentair OptiTrend® can make your life as an operator much easier. Through a data link, we can continuously analyze, evaluate and report on your plant performance, and advise you on optimization. This combination of data analysis and the expertise of our process engineers provides clear insights into your filtration process, allowing you to enhance operational effectiveness and cost efficiency. Better performance means improved operational control and optimized chemicals and power consumption, saving you valuable time and money.

Normal wear and tear, maintenance activities and external factors may cause performance deviations that could easily go unnoticed. In some cases, action may be required to prevent serious fouling or unplanned downtime. Pentair OptiTrend® guarantees that nothing is missed. Through an online data connection, your plant can be remotely monitored 24/7. Early warning signals prevent minor issues from becoming major problems. 

Pentair OptiTrend® helps to keep performance high in several ways:

Data trending

  • Data logging & trending to qualify for membrane lifetime guarantee
  • Access one or more installations from one remote location anywhere and anytime
  • Reduce time spent on process interpretation by using automatically generated data

Trend analysis

  • Save time and money with quick and proactive responses to process disturbances 
  • Identify an unstable process well before the SCADA system warns you
  • Reduce downtime with the advanced Early Warning System
  • Evaluate performance over any period of time

KPI analysis

  • Energy consumption, integrity test results, recovery values and chemicals consumption are automatically generated as Key Performance Indicators
  • With these KPIs you are able to lower costs by improving process efficiency
  • Determine problem areas fast and early to enable changes and minimize future problems in order to lower overall production costs

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