performance optimization

Pentair Advanced Filtration is dedicated to the continuous high performance of your filtration and separation systems. We can support you with a wide range of services and tools, all of which can be used separately or in combination. 

The services include remote monitoring of plants and analysis of plant performance parameters such as TMP, permeability, backwash and cleaning effectiveness. Accurate data and comprehensive reporting are vital for plant optimization. These services can be provided proactively, guiding the operator towards the best possible performance, and prevent potential pitfalls from becoming real problems.

Periodic evaluations and plant performance optimization, with data and insights generated by real-time monitoring, will contribute to filtration systems you can always depend on. 

The hands-on support offered by our service teams around the world helps you to achieve numerous improvements in terms of:

• Energy consumption
• Chemicals consumption
• Wastewater generation
• Backwash efficiency
• Permeate quality
• TMP increase
• Filtration flux
• Maintenance costs
• Reliability

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