Frequent screenings of filtration plants can go a long way towards prevention of technical problems and optimization of system performance. Pentair Advanced Filtration offers two vital scans:

  • MemScan
  • Performance Scan

The MemScan focuses on the actual membranes, while the Performance Scan tells you about the system as a whole.


The MemScan defines the remaining service life of your UF membranes. Plant performance ultimately depends on the state of your UF membranes. The MemScan includes a visual inspection, detailed analysis and a cleaning test, telling you what is causing the most damage and the best time for replacement. Detailed knowledge on membrane fouling and the causes of performance losses will help to prevent further damage and unnecessary production stops.

The MemScan offers the clarity you need to allocate the budgetary means in a timely manner to implement a properly phased replacement plan. The aging of membranes is inevitable over time, but the aging speed depends on many external factors, including temperatures, pH, coagulants, and the levels of exposure to chemicals. Certain combinations of these factors may work as a catalyst for increased aging speed.

Performance Scan 

The Performance Scan provides a clear overview of the system status. 

It can target any specific issue or concern that may have shown up during operations, and is always aimed at lower operational costs and better system performance.

As a frequent check, the Performance Scan is a great tool to enable optimization. Many operators seize the opportunity to renew their KPI’s, starting afresh with a new benchmark for production goals.

Even if the MemScan has shown that your membranes are still up to the job, it makes sense to find out how your system can be improved in the most efficient way. The Performance Scan presents you with an overview of optimization opportunities, a detailed explanation of possible actions and their effects, and a new system projection. Pentair is dedicated to the optimal functioning of your filtration system.

Our R&D department and project engineers work closely together to ensure you can continue to meet your production goals in the most cost-efficient manner. 

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